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Hill used to sick all the time, and he couldn’t do any exercise when he was young. He couldn’t breath with his nose or walk without any discomfort for many years. He couldn’t get too much relief from all different types of western medicine, so he started to learn nutrition and Chinese medicine to get rid of his illness. Once he was able to train, he did his best to train hard. Then he volunteered to be a soldier in the Air Force in Taiwan. It was extremely stressful at the beginning, but he conquered all the difficulties and became a physical trainer, which taught over 500 peers how to swim and how to run efficiently.

Hill understand the feeling that people tend to become pessimistic if they tried their best to find all the solutions, but they still couldn’t move freely without pain. He dreams to be a great person to help others to get rids of pain and move freely to enjoy their life should be.

Hill began to his remedial massage therapy journey from Chinese medicine massage, and Hill also wants to know the difference with Western therapy. Then he began to enrol a Remedial Massage course at the Massage School of Queensland. Because of the passionate about massage therapy, he got outstanding results and received the Dux of The School and Excellence in remedial setting two awards.

Hill loves Remedial Massage. He also wants to specialise in sports treatments and rehabilitation to help clients maintain and improve their performance in moving, so he decided to study a bachelor of exercise science (Pre-Physio program). In the meantime, Hill also trained as a personal trainer, sports trainer and strength and conditioning coach to get more knowledge about the sports training for the better and longer result of rehabilitation.

If you want to get rids of pain or want to feel good, then Heal Young Massage is the right place for you.

Case 1:

My 62 years old client complained about her condition with some medical history. She did a spinal operation on her 12th Thoracic Vertebral 5 years ago, and she did another spinal surgery on her 7th Cervical Vertebra 3 years ago. She concerned about hard to move her neck left and right in the day time and night time, sore neck, shoulder and back all the time. She has Kyphosis. She is unable to lift any weights more than 1 KG in any arms. She complains numbness on her right leg a few times a day. She is unable to move her right leg once she squats down to the floor. She felt very uncomfortable once she walk over 500 meters. She lost 13 KG in the last two years, and she becomes very skinny and only weights 37KG. She requires pills every day to help her to sleep for many years. She spent lots of money and went to all sorts of therapies in private clinics and hospital from Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Kaohsiung in Taiwan, but she couldn’t find any place could relieve her pain.

I started providing treatment and training on 27/5. After I treated my mother in law 3 days, and she was able to pick up an 8.5KG box to upstairs easily. She can walk about 1KM a day without pain on the leg.

She was able to attend 5KM parkrun after 5 days of the first treatment and training. She has never run over 1KM in her life. And she has never run for over 30 years, and she could finish 5KM run smoothly in 00:45:31 on 1/6.

She attended another parkrun and improves her time to 00:43:45 on 8/6.

She challenged 10.11KM on15/6 and finished in 1:41:49 without any pain on her legs or discomfort.

She challenged the half Marathon 21.7KM on 22/6 and finished in 3:29:43 without any pain on her legs or discomfort.

She could move freely on her neck, should, and back at all time and pain-free. Her spine curve is back to the standard line. She could lift over 13KG easily. There is no pain on her legs, and she could finish a half marathon in 3.5 hours from a no experience runner who used to have many medical histories. She also gained 4 KG in the past 4 weeks, and she reduces her pills dose into half, and she still could have excellent sleeping quality.

Running time of last 4 records.

1/6 5KM 00:45:31

8/6 5KM 00:43:45

15/6 10.11KM 1:41:49

22/6 21.70KM 3:29:43

Case 2:

I helped an elite triathlon athlete to balance the leg power before race. She break her PB near 6 minutes and world rank rise from 40 to 36.

Case 3:

I helped my client, who used to sit in the wheelchair and receiving many different kinds of therapies for 4.5 years, walk independently after five treatments.

Case 4:
A seasoned nurse suffered from lower back pain over three years due to disk degeneration. All of her colleagues in the educational hospital suggested her required surgery to fix the problem. Otherwise, she will need treatments every three days to relief her pain. She felt pain-free on her lower back over two years after one treatment.

Case 5:

Client suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome over nine years, and he felt pain-free over two years after three treatments.

Case 6:

I helped my client’s cat which got an injury and couldn’t walk for a few days, after treatment the cat can barely walk right away, and it can run as normal after two days.

Case 7:
Massage and training are great for baby as well. My little client was 21 days old, which is weight 2560g, and she was able to move forward for 20 cm, and lifted her chest and head for few minutes. She was able to roll over from tummy position to back position in day 28, which is weight 2940g.

Clients are ranging from Elite athletes, Doctors, Remedial massage therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and people suffering from acute injuries or chronic pain. ​

Specialising In:
Deep Tissue Massage
Dry Needling
EMS & TENS Treatment
Gua Sha (Scraping)
Myofascial Release
Sports Massage
Swedish Massage
Trigger Point Massage
Traditional Chinese Massage

體能、體態、肌力、靈活度及疼痛管理訓練師Hill Yang

關於按摩,您只是想要付錢找人摸摸您而已?還是想要按摩後覺得煥然一新呢? 關於疼痛,您只是想要付錢找人聊聊天而已?還是想要治療後覺得重獲新生呢?




完成半程鐵人三項賽(123公里賽程包含2 公里游泳、21公里跑步及100公里騎車)











現任 澳洲按摩與肌肉治療協會大使及審計與風險管理委員(澳洲按摩產業最大工會)





*澳洲:菁英騎師、菁英高爾夫球手、菁英鐵人三項選手、澳式足球員(Gold Coast Titians, Burleigh Bears)

*Isaac Makwala~ 波札那的菁英選手,經過Hill的治療型按摩兩天後,獲得聯邦運動會400公尺組世界冠軍。

*Julia Hauser~奧地利鐵人三項選手。經過Hill的治療型按摩後,覺得雙腳更有力了,三天後突破自己最佳成績將近6分鐘,世界排名也因此晉升了4名到世界排名第36名。





















Hill Yang目前是澳洲認證過的治療性按摩師及運動訓練師,並即將取得運動科學學位及相關認證,成為一位『運動科學家、健身教練、肌力與體適能教練』,在未來將結合台灣的經驗與在澳洲培養的專業,使自己成為更多元化的『體能、體態、肌力、靈活度及疼痛管理訓練治療師』。



Hill Yang
10 Hillside Gardens, Desert Springs, NT

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