It was honour to be the graduation celebration speaker at Griffith College, based on the involvement in the college, exceptional marks and wonderful personality. Although it was no change to get the DUX of the school, I am excited to be a overall greatest student at school. Heartfelt thanks to my wife, Venus, who has and will be always supporting me through everything. Thanks for our family in Australia, Dana, Gaga, and Sam give us faith. Thanks for everyone helping me to be a better person. Wish to become a great physiotherapy, using my hand to help more people to HEAL your body, mind and soul. Feel YOUNG again. ~Heal Young Massage

非常榮幸擔任Griffith學院的的畢業致詞講者(遴選條件為對於學校的付出,超凡的學業表現以及良好的人格特質),雖然沒有機會成為全校學業成績表現最好的學生,但是可以成為綜合表現最傑出的學生,也非常的開心。 衷心的感謝寶貝老婆Venus總是支持我,感謝在澳洲的家人Dana姐, Gaga奶奶跟Sam的相挺,也感謝一路上的朋友願意幫助我成為更好的人。 目前已經順利完成澳洲物理治療第一階段的課程,之後還有兩個難度更高的課程在等著我。 期許自己成為一個偉大的物理治療師,用我的雙手去幫助更多的人,治癒你的身、心、靈,並重返青春活力。 Heal Young Massage