When I first time to see this TV program, I found it’s very amazing. Because I saw lots of Taiwanese, who live oversea, make their best effort to stand for Taiwan and make foreigner can understand Taiwan more, I hope one day that I can have a chance to say something in this TV show. Luckily, when I helped some Taiwanese to provide useful information about the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, then I got the chance to say something.

I love my hometown, Taiwan. I always think love a country should not just have a slogan or swing the Taiwanese flag in some events.

I think we should polish our profession to make people understand we can do really good jobs in different fields in the whole world. Because of that, we have to focus on our professional for whole life, not just for the events. I think it will be very interesting in this way to Love Taiwan.


我愛我的故鄉~台灣,我總是一直在想~”愛台灣 “應該不只是一個口號,或只是在一些活動揮一揮旗子或是跟國旗拍拍照而已。