12248061_775729309206002_477324028838422725_o.jpg終於終於在澳洲等到『我的少女時代 Our Times』
Watch the Best Taiwanese Comedy Movie of 2015 in SunnyBank HOYTS, Brisbane
在不斷的在他們官方網頁希望在澳洲播放電影的陳情之下,終於在19/11/2015下星期四要在布里斯本SunnyBank 的HOYTS Cinema 及Event Garden City Mt Gravatt上映啦,更棒的是裡面是中文發音,並還有中英字幕喔!想要在澳洲電影院看正宗台灣電影嗎?千萬不要錯過這次的機會,歡迎大朋友、小朋友一起揪同學、同事、室友、鄰居叔叔、阿姨,一起來看台灣年度最精彩的國片吧。

Hoyts Chatswood Mandarin
Hoyts Broadway
Event George St (Limited Session)
Event Burwood
Event Macquarie

Hoyts Melbourne Central
Chinatown Cinema
Village Century City

Hoyts Sunnybank
Event Garden City Mt Gravatt

伯斯: Hoyts Carousel

阿德雷得: Hoyts Norwood

坎培拉:Hoyts Belconnen

Event Queen St
Hoyts Botany Downs
Hoyts Sylvia Park
Hoyts Wairau Park

Do you ever seen Taiwanese Movie before? It’s a good time to watch our best Taiwanese movie of the year in Brisbane HOYTS Cinema and Event Garden City Mt Gravatt with English & Chinese subtitles.

Short Info:
An ordinary and unnoticeable high-school girl, Truly, has a crush on the most popular guy in school. Taiyu, a ruffian and a bully, is in love with the campus belle. By a quirk of fate, Taiyu invited Truly to enter a pack for the losers in love, an ‘Association of the Dumped’. Their mission is to tear the golden couple apart and helped each other to get the ones they love.
What you can expect in this movie?
You’ll see the last generation teenagers what we’re crazy about during the high school. And you aslo and see every real things in that time in Taiwan. So you can understand our times in that age.

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