10818458_616501658462102_2216354138527110177_o.jpg[Perfect Day 完美的一天]

11.11.2014 was a super great day, I had a international meeting with 500 leaders from 22 countries in the morning. After the meeting Venus and I as a tour guide had a wonderful trip with Cindy and Mark. After the trip then have a speech in the Gold Coast Toastmasters club, one people interest in my slide want to have a copy, 2 people said to me that I did a awesome job, 3 people ask me how to make a great speech, 4 guest decide to join as a member because of the good feeling. 

And one more thing is my Massage License was approved in the same day as well. That was amazing day.

I used to have heart disease and asthma that I couldn’t do any kinds of exercise since I was young. But I had swam and carried 4 people across the Sun Moon Lake for 3 KM, and also finish IRONMAN for 123 KM and full Marathon to overcome myself.

I always challenge myself to do something that I don’t get used to, and do something that I got the talent because I want to be the person. Luckily, it works.