1492237_590683397710595_1578359928845993282_o.jpg<Glow Worm Mini Tour 藍光蟲微旅行>
It was so happy to take our housemate Kan & Henry from Hong Kong and Susan who just arrive in GC to have a night trip. We shared our experience in Australia, the feeling was always different, although we have visited Nature Bridge for many times. Kan loves to take a photo as well, so we took some time to make it, and it was awesome. We also saw some shooting stars during watch the stars, and they never saw the shooting stars before, and they couldn’t see the star in Hong Kong, so it’s very special experience for them.

When we went back to Surfers Paradise and watched the beautiful night view in Gold Coast. We were so enjoying the feeling at the moment and we also took some funny photos during jumping. It was a great night, especially with friends who love nature and outdoor activities life.

Welcome more friends to travel with us.

香港來的新朋友 Kan & Henry,和剛到黃金海岸不久的Susan一起夜遊…,整路上聊著天分享著澳洲經歷,感覺 一下就到目的地了。
回程路上看著Surfers Paradise 矗立的高樓燈光閃閃,索性繞道帶他們去看看這夜晚依舊迷人的黃金海岸。結果五個人玩開了,越跳越high,拍照拍的不亦樂乎!