『What I learned in the Convention first day. 我在第一天的研討會學到什麼? 』

Join the Toastmasters International Convention 2014 in Kuala Lumpur. There’re near 3,000 members from 122 countries join this meeting. It was super awesome to meet so many people from different countries.
My favorite educational session of the day from Lance Miller. He said Toastmasters is not a fast-food shop that can provide our the delicious food instantly. Toastmasters is a grocery shop which provide us all the different kinds materials that we need, but we need to learn how to cook can create our own food. 

If you want to be a good speaker, don’t thing when you do something and you can be a better speaker, you have to practice it every single day. No matter how good you are. And the most important thing is happy to get fail. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. When you happy to accept fail so you can really improve yourself.

And it also match one of my favorite motto” Where the time you spend where the achievement is.”

No matter in speech, leadership or massage, I thing it’s all the same.

The other part about how to lead a group.
We have to create a place to make people enjoy and think they can get something from it. So people will happy to join it again and again.

這次到馬來西亞吉隆坡參加國際英語演講會2014年的全球年會,這次來參加的成員來自122個不同的國家,大約有3000個人,真的很驚訝可以在一場活動遇到這麼多不同國家的朋友。我今天最喜歡的教育訓練課程講師是Lance Miller。他說Toastmasters不是一個快餐店,一來到這裡就可以直接享用佳餚;Toastmasters是一個雜貨店,這裡提供了各式各樣不同的食材,讓你去做發揮,我們必須去學習如何料理,並去創造出我們的食物。