Yeah, 現在除了跳舞(有效燃燒全身的脂肪)、瑜伽(非常好的拉筋運動,並且對於健康也非常有幫助)、跳床(除了可以瘦腿、還可以提臀)之外,又有新的運動設施了,喜歡玩桌球的人有福了,以往只有在背包客棧才有機會再住宿的地方玩桌球,只要住在黃金海岸愛生活,一樣也可以在家玩桌球,趕快動起你的身體,燃燒體內的脂肪吧。

Yeah, we can dance which can burn your whole body fat, yoga which is good for stretching , and bed jump which can burn your fat on your leg and lift your hips. Now we have new sport facility, Table Tennis, it’s a little bit hard to find a place to play table tennis, but you can play it in Gold Coast Love life. Move your body and burn your body fat.